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Besani srl Italia

BESANI srl industrial culture is centered on streamlining and innovation of industrial processes to meet the quality and creativity demands of customers and consumers.

The challenge we are involved in, is the integration of the sustainability values in the view of BESANI srl and in production processes.
Eliminating all kind of dangerous chemicals, without setting a limit to the clients’ imagination or compromising the product quality, is certainly an ambitious challenge that only innovative companies, which rely on the best available technologies, are able to manage.

BESANI srl is a cutting edge company in the research for solutions of environmental impact reduction, so that we can offer our clients the best ecological, social and transparency standards.
This is why we decided to become a DETOX Leader, committed to the standards defined by the Greenpeace Detox campaign regarding the elimination of all hazardous substances.

BESANI srl has publicly signed the DETOX commitment http://www.besani.it/DetOx/tests/Detox-Self-Reporting-Template-22-Sept-2014-v3-2.pdf on October 10th, 2014 and assumed towards its customers and their consumers, the moral responsibility to observe it.

We will give public account of our progress in this section of our site.

In accordance with our DETOX commitment, BESANI srl has already made remarkable progress concerning the elimination of dangerous substances as defined in its M-RSL http://www.besani.it/DetOx/tests/MRSL_DETOX_BESANI_SRL_Feb2016.pdf.

We carefully monitor, through periodical chemical analysis, any possible and unexpected deviation from our commitment, so that we can readily intervene with corrective actions. From the beginning, the company has cross-checked and analyzed https://besani.eu/download/ all the 11 groups of priority chemical substances contained in its M-RSL and defined by the DETOX standard.

Our processes and products are free from:

Phthalates Free 
Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants Free 
Azo dyes Free 
Organotin compounds Free 
Chlorobenzenes Free 
Chlorinated solvents Free 
Chlorophenols Free 
Short chain chlorinated paraffins Free 
APEOs Free 
PFCs (Perfluorocarbon / Polyfluorinated Compounds) Free 
Chromium VI (CrVI) Free 
Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) Free 
Cadmium (Cd) Free 


The selected products for the analysis, concerning the absence of substances, represent about 95% of the current company’s production. According to our commitment, BESANI srl will expand the covering to a greater number of products with the next analysis.

Click here http://www.besani.it/DetOx/tests/Detox-Self-Reporting-Template-22-Sept-2014-v3-2.pdf for our Detox Commitment.
Click here http://www.besani.it/DetOx/tests/MRSL_DETOX_BESANI_SRL_Feb2016.pdf for our M-RSL list of prohibited substances.
Click here https://besani.eu/download/ for all the analysis results.